Forgetting What is Behind

Welcome to the year 2021. Wishing you readers a happy new year. It could be said that last year was not a happy year, but there is much to be grateful for. After the year we have just had, there is a deeper realization that life is in fact a precious gift.

The past year brought about the loss of many things, money, jobs, properties, relationships, and sanity, to name a few. But surely the most important loss is that of lives, it is irreplaceable. We are not over the storms yet, but we are weathering it, albeit ruggedly. This is a testament to our tenacity. If nothing else was accomplished, it is noteworthy. We made it out of that dreadful year called 2020.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in the early months of 2020, we knew we somehow needed to survive this strange phenomenon that has not occurred in recent human history. And we have found a way to keep body and soul together even in these savage circumstances.

During the lockdown in the earlier stages of the pandemic, I heard so many motivational speeches. They were mainly about making use of the extra time to do things we have previously procrastinated. Although these talks were stirring, never have I felt less motivated.

My life has been characterized by doing the things I wanted to do. Time has never been a hindrance to pursuing my other interests. In fact, I work well under pressure. I found that having so much time on my hand left me in want of what to do with it.

People were dying. The news was primarily about how the virus was killing people in droves. And as much as I prayed and hoped that the fate that had befallen those who died will escape me, I truly pondered what life was all about. Seeing how easy it is for mankind to perish, I realize we humans control very little. These were individuals who had dreams and goals, but just like that, were snuffed out.

Some of us spend so much time running after our dreams, trying to be somebody, or trying to make a change in the world, but we do not control life or death. Life is full of so many unexpected twists and turns. If we think about it, king Solomon was perhaps right in his assessment that all of life is indeed meaningless. In the book of Ecclesiastes 1 verse 3, King Solomon asked, “What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?”. A good question to ponder.

But even if all of life is vanity, it is still our lot as humans to live life. So while we do that, we must find something worthwhile to fill our days. We cannot merely exist. We must dedicate our existence to meaningful pursuits. The one thing we have control over is how we choose to spend our life.

With this thought in mind, I decided it was okay to unwind. Our world is full of work, rarely does the universe presents one with the opportunity to rest. And so, I rested, traveled twice, engaged in leisure activities, and spent quality time with my loved one. But this indolence could only last for a while. Because for as long as life exists, there will always be the pursuit of goals and dreams. It is our destiny as humans to pursue those things we believe bring us happiness and fulfillment.

Many of us have had the chance to relax and unwind this past year. But it is now time to go back to the grind. 2021 is indeed another opportunity to pursue living life to the fullest. Whatever that means to you personally, I encourage you to do so. I wish you luck in your 2021 endeavors and above all a good health and a sound mind.

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