My Few Favorite Things About the Most Acclaimed Netflix Series—Bridgerton

As a huge fan of historical love stories, I spent many of my younger days engrossed in Jane Austen’s work. She remains one of my favorite authors of all time and Pride and Prejudice one of my favorite books and movies of all time. There is really something distinctive about Period Romance. They somehow can make the audience believe in love—a different kind of love, certainly a huge contrast to modern love. A kind of love that may have vanished away with the era it existed in. But interestingly, I find it still remains the picture of true love many of us carry in our heads. When we think about true love, we imagine the greatest love stories of all time, whether fictional or factual, a vast majority of which happens to be historical love stories.

Take the recent Netflix Series Bridgerton for example, it is the very picture of what we imagine true love to look like. A true period love story, but one with a modern twist. Watching the series, even the most hardened heart will be moved by the on-screen romance of the main characters.

Personally, I find not just the love story but everything about the production simply perfection. To see the diversity in cast and how people of color are represented in the story is just a delightful and rare sight to behold, particularly in such a genre. Also, the series as many critics have pointed out is so timely! It is certainly a love story that fits in with the times we are in. A time where representation matters more than ever!

Bridgerton was a breath of fresh air. It is most definitely a binge-worthy series for hopeful or hopeless romantics. There are so many things I adore about the series, but I will divulge a few things I find noteworthy.

The language is so rich, I find myself looking up so many words—promenade monotonous, soiree, etc. Watching period movies or series is assuredly a fun way of expanding one’s vocabulary.

One of the younger sisters of Daphne, the female lead is my favorite character. Eloise is an independent free-spirited non-conformist who wants to carve a different path for herself, rather than settle for the life predestined for a “proper” woman, which is to get married and make babies. She wants to instead, “nurture her mind”. She is what one might call a feminist.

One reoccurring question throughout the series was “who is Lady Whistledown?” Or the scribbler as she is disparagingly referred to in the series. The writer(s) were exceptionally good at hiding her identity. No one would have expected it to be her of all people (I do not want to give spoilers).

I love how Daphne’s mother steps up to the eldest brother Anthony Bridgerton and takes responsibility for helping her daughter to find love and happiness. Although it was considered the eldest brother’s duty to help her find a husband. I did not like his character very much. But I did feel sorry for him for not being able to marry the woman he loves because of societal expectations.

The chemistry between the lead characters was palpable. I loved them together and the intimate scenes were steamy. The main actor who played the Duke of Hastings is most certainly a very attractive young man. I knew I had seen him on screen before but could not place my finger on where, until I saw his Instagram page. He is the actor in the remake of Roots, another remarkable series, I highly recommend. His Instagram followers by the way have dramatically increased since Bridgerton was released and unsurprisingly so. It was my first time seeing the female lead. Although she has featured in other TV series as well.

The cinematography is stunning and the acting superb. The cast as previously mentioned is very diverse, there is a certain beauty in diversity. I was elated but unsurprised to discover the series was produced by Shonda Rhimes. The excellence of the series speaks of her brilliancy as a TV producer.

And last but not the least, I absolutely love the Queen’s elaborate hairstyles.

These are some of my favorite things about the series. Like most audiences, I am looking forward to a Season 2.

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