While You’re Waiting, Time is Going!

The month of August is a peculiar month to me because this was the month about a year ago when I finally decided to put my hand on the plow and never look back. I understood I had a gifting in writing and I knew I had to use it. I had such big visions and dreams of what I wanted, but limited resources to effectuate them. However, I just could not wait till everything was picture-perfect, because while waiting, time is going. If I’d kept procrastinating, I may never have gotten started! The same thing goes for the vlog, when I made the decision to launch my vlog on relationships, I knew it wasn’t going to be flawless because I did not have all the apparatus needed, and personally, I have quite a way to go in mastering the act of speaking on camera. But I just had to begin. It is highly crucial for me to share this because this might just be the confirmation you need to take that inceptive step towards whatever vision you have been given possession of. You have to get started. The scriptures say, do not despise humble beginnings and if you cannot manage the little, how do you intend to manage the bigger stuff. I am paraphrasing, but the conclusion of the matter is you have to start from somewhere!

With this, I am well pleased to announce that I’m adding another category to this blog called SPIRITUALITY and this is where I write about things that pertain to my faith, my journey in life and in God (which is the same thing). This is where I’ll also encourage readers and share some deeper issues and topics that the other categories do not necessarily accommodate.

I learned just recently that it takes ten years to master an act. I’m delighted that I began this journey a year ago, I have nine more to go!  I’m especially enthusiastic about becoming an expert in the area of relationships. When I introduced this blog, my initial disposition was to focus solely on relationships, but as someone who has interest in other areas of life, it was difficult for me to be so narrowed. But the older I grow, the more I realize it is better to be a master at something than to be a jack of all trade. Which is why majority of my blog posts and my vlog have been focused mainly on discussing the issues we encounter in relationships and encouraging people to get it right.

This new category is also one I’m very much passionate about, this is not to dismiss the others, Race and Identity, Africana, Short Stories, and Culture. But I especially have a strong inclination towards this facet of life which I believe is more essential than any other, because we humans are spirit beings!  Many of us do not even realize that. We are spirits living inside an earthly vessel called a body. Humans are made up of three parts, a spirit, a soul, and a body. What we can see, touch, smell, taste, and hear are only a slice of the pie. We are not limited to that, but we get so engrossed in our five or more senses that we miss out on a more vital aspect of ourselves. I realize I’m beginning to delve into some deep territory here, so I’m going to stop with that.

In a nutshell, this new category will be centered on that which is who we are at our very core, our pneuma. I’m very pumped up about this. Reading this post, I hope you are too. I look forward to sharing more with you in this category.

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to all those who have followed the blog for the past year, thank you all so very much! And for those who just started, welcome!

See you at the next stop!

The woman on a journey.

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